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Welcome to the Royal Kingdom of King Coin. In our Kingdom, you will find riches and gold, all dependent upon your will to HODL. King Coin will rule with an iron fist over the Cryptocurrency community, becoming a top project on the Binance Smart Chain. 

With 6% token redistribution to holders, King Coin lets you wear your crown like a boss knowing you're earning on every transaction.

King Coin has 1% buyback and burn on every transaction deflating the total supply and eventually increasing the price of the token.

3% of every King Coin transaction is sent to the marketing/aid wallet. Yes, the King has marketing funds of his own but in order to reach the goals and heights of where we want to reach, this wallet is necessary for promotion and the charity aspect of the King Coin. 


We envision a world where there is one true ruler, one true King... Coin

Our soon to be ecosystem will be one never seen before and it only just begins with King Coin. 

King Coin wants to be the currency of the world, equaling out the wealth difference between developing countries and already developed. We want to be the people's choice and to get there, we need the people behind it. Community means everything!

Join our Telegram and Discord, active members and project believers will become Royalty.

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Telegram Community

Our Telegram community will be one of the best. Properly moderated for only good quality content, come meet other Kings



Twitter Talk

Join us on Twitter where the creator shares his thoughts and project updates.



Discord Server

Join our Discord and share with the community your thoughts, memes and more.

We've released V2 of our Whitepaper with new utility, The King's Galleria and VIP Memberships (Coming Soon). Please download the PDF and read all the information inside. It is our full project outline and you should read our aims, goals and plans for the future before investing. Click the "Whitepaper" header or image to view.

Please Note: OWNERSHIP of the contract has been RENOUNCED. No changes can be made to the contract meaning buy and sell will always work and tax will always remain at 10%.


👑Buy King Coin👑

Contract Address On PancakeSwap. BNB Pairing Only:


If you're familiar with Trust Wallet and Metamask and connecting to Pancakeswap, scroll down, we have Pancakeswap embedded on our site for easy purchase.

How To Buy King Coin (KINGC) on Android:

  • ‍Download and install the Trust Wallet app for Android.

  • Click the DApps button at the base of the screen to access the DApps browser.

  • Scroll down and click on PancakeSwap under either the 'Popular' or 'DEFI' category.

  • Click the 'Connect' button to connect your wallet to PancakeSwap.

  • First, ensure you have some BNB Smart Chain in your wallet for gas fee this can be transferred in from Binance or bought through Trust Wallet.

  • To create a trade, ensure that your wallet is in 'Swap' mode.

  • In the First frame, use the dropdown button to select the ASSET that you want to sell, that would be BNB Smart Chain. Enter the quantity to sell. 

  • In the Second frame, use the dropdown button to select the crypto asset you want to buy, you will have to manually add KINGC by pasting our contract address: 0x01F8A66c184399cf22CFE38def6b14623b9cD79D and then adding our token. The equivalent quantity of tokens you will get by selling the quantity in the previous step will be automatically calculated on the Underneath. 

  • Click the Settings cog and change the slippage to 13%.

  • Click on 'Swap', if you have never traded the token selected in 'From', you will first be asked to approve the token.

  • Click 'Confirm Swap' below the next screen.

  • Finally, on the next screen, click 'Approve'.

How To Buy King Coin (KINGC) For iOS Devices

  • On your iOS mobile browser, enter the address https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/

  • Click the 'Connect' button

  • Select WalletConnect

  • Under WalletConnect, select Trust Wallet as the preferred wallet.

  • Tap 'Open'.

  • Click 'Connect' to connect your Trust Wallet app to PancakeSwap dApp through WalletConnect.

  • Trading on PancakeSwap in iOS almost follows the same routine as Android's. The only difference is: your PancakeSwap dApp is open on the mobile browser. Hence, you will start the trade on the browser and intermittently be prompted to switch between the browser and TrustWallet to approve and complete the transaction. 

  • If this is your first time making a trade, you will need to approve the usage of Trust Wallet, which may cost a small fee. All transactions will need multiple approvals.

  • Again, click 'Open' to connect your Trust Wallet app to PancakeSwap dApp through WalletConnect.


Launching Soon


The King's Galleria will be our version of an NFT Gallery, so we won't host your NFTs. List them on Opensea and other marketplaces, rent a spot in the King's Galleria and watch your sales improve. In the coming weeks you'll be able to fill out a form with your NFT details, pricing and link, and we'll display it in the Galleria.

As an NFT creator, you'll benefit from added exposure from the traffic we drive to the King's Galleria. We'll do all the marketing for you, you just need to sign up for our service and see the new found interest in your art. We'll bring targeted buyers to your artwork, you just need to provide top quality material and we'll provide the art connoisseurs.

The King's Galleria will feature one NFT weekly on our main page here for display to every single site visitor, even the ones not looking for an NFT but who's eye your artwork might just catch. This is a premium VIP spot! See our preview here: King's Galleria

King Coin's VIP Membership will reward you with the ability to get unique NFTS, lottery tickets, in-depth research into tokens/coins/or projects of your choosing. We'll deep dive into the project and look for flaws, strengths and weaknesses, analyze past performances, find all rumors/news and deliver it in a stylized detailed PDF report. THIS IS NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE. This is Crypto research done for you by a team of savvy investors who have years of experience looking into and presenting projects

From Luna to King Coin, in between, before and beyond, we want you to get to the moon and with our VIP plan, we hope to get you there. We'll DYOR (Do Your Own Research) for you to give you the most detailed information on the requested project all in one place. Forget about reading all the articles and piecing the information together yourself, we'll do it all for you in a presentation worthy of a King.



Our First Drop From Our Animal Kingdom NFT Collection Has Arrived!


 King Coin


Our Animal Kingdom NFT Collection will highlight 15 animals in all of their royal splendor. Every NFT purchase comes with a special project add-on!

Chess Game

Charitable Causes

King Coin (KINGC) thinks everyone on this Earth is royalty and with our new-found power, Cryptocurrency, we'd like to give back and help the less fortunate. We've decided that part of our marketing wallet will be used to help out the homeless. King Coin will make donations to homeless shelters whenever we're at a comfortable price point for the coin. Every King deserves a castle, let's give them one! Things like this article here from this winter, close to home, need to stop happening. King Coin will do everything in our power to prevent more stories like this, this is why we're a solid project with a charity utility.

King on Card


A Blockchain Project From Kings Helping Kings In Need!

King Coin will be the people's chosen currency. We will push for adoption, our ecosystem will change the world and we will help others. Our Royal holders (Kings) are rewarded for holding and our buyback/burn deflates circulating supply eventually leading to the tokens you're holding becoming priceless plus with releases like King's VIP DYOR and King's Galleria, the road to success is there.


King Coin In Numbers



Initial Supply


Burned At Launch


Holder Rewards




Buyback & Burn


Locked LP

Star Badge


Revealed Soon - Our
Philanthropy Ecosystem

Each project in our Royal Coin ecosystem will benefit a humanitarian cause. There will be 4 in total. We believe big in philanthropy and believe Cryptocurrency is the way to help even out the gaps in the wealth classes. From peasantry to royalty!

Royal Coins will change Cryptocurrency as a whole, to be all about benefiting others while growing investments! Enough selfishness, let's share the wealth with others who aren't as well off as we are.



King Coin is looking for innovative talent to join our team. If you have experience in the Crypto industry and are a developer, designer, or marketer, submit your CV.

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